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    National Action Plan-Dairy Development- 2021-2022

    To fulfil the mandate of the Government, this Department has prepared a National Action Plan (NAP) on Dairy Development with following two key goals:

    1. To double national milk production from 155 MMT in 2015-16 to 254.55 MMT by 2021-22 and 300 MMT by 2023-24 to meet the increasing milk demand by domestic milk production and also ensuring nutritional security at household level as well as exports of milk and milk products
    2. To double the income of milk producers at farm level by 2021-22 by providing the milk producers with greater access to the organised milk processing sector

    National Action Plan for Dairy Development envisages to achieve milk production target of 254.5 Million MT by 2022 and 300 Million MT by 2023-24 from 155.5 Million MT during 2015-16 requiring an annual growth rate of 8.56% which would lead to increase in per capita availability of milk from current level of 337 grams per day to 515 grams per day by 2022 and 592 grams per day in 2023-24 addressing the substantial nutritional requirement of growing population. To achieve the desired milk production targets, average In-milk animal productivity would be required to grow annually at the rate of 4.7% from existing 4.65 KgPD to 6.14kgPD by 2022 and 6.7 KgPD by 2023-24.

    The National Action Plan envisages increasing the coverage of number of villages from 1.86 lakh to 2.57 lakh by 2022 and 3.2 lakh by 2023-24. The coverage of farmer members envisages to increase from 16 million to 20 million by 2022 and 22 million by 2023-24 through setting up of village level infrastructure for milk procurement, increasing milk processing & milk product manufacturing and marketing facilities including cold chain. National Action Plan for Dairy Development is targeted to increase organised milk handling from 20% to 41% by 2022 to 50% by 2023-24. The milk handling by cooperatives dairies is targeted to increase from 10% to 20% and Private sector from 10% to 30%.