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    Achievements during 2014-15 to 2017-18
    ▶ Central assistance of Rs. 1,84,695.13 lakhs released (upto 31st Aug 2018) to promote the Fisheries Sector
    ▶ Assistance provided for bringing 29,127.73 ha area under aquaculture
    ▶ Sanctioned construction of 89 Nos of landing centers
    199 Nos of Recirculatory Aquaculture Systems (RAS) approved.
    ▶ Approved the installation of 7,636 Nos cages/pens in reservoirs and other open water bodies
    ▶ Approved establishment of 389 Nos of fish/prawn hatcheries
    7,441 Traditional Crafts Motorised
    ▶ Sanctioned 12,262 Nos of safety kits for Fishermen at Sea
    ▶ Assistance provided to 544 Nos Traditional/Artisanal fishermen
    ▶ Sanctioned 4 fishing harbours/fish landing centers
    318 units of post Harvest Infrastructure facilities viz., ice plants & cold storage have been sanctioned
    17,499 units of fish transportation facilities viz., refrigerated & insulated trucks, auto rickshaws, motor cycles & bicycles with ice box have been sanctioned
    ▶ Sanctioned 6,812 units of fish markets & fish mobile markets
    ▶ Approved construction of 12,430 fishermen houses
    ▶ Insurance cover provided to 46.8 lakh fishermen annually.
    ▶ Financial assistance provided to 2.43 lakh fishers annually under Saving-cum-Relief component during fishing lean/ban period
    ▶ Skill training provided to 63,290 fish farmers & other stakeholders