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    Brucellosis Control Programme (Brucellosis - CP)

    Brucellosis, an economically important zoonotic disease has become endemic in most parts of the country. It causes abortions and infertility in animals. Prevention of abortions will add new calves to the animal population leading to enhanced milk production. This component was implemented since 2010 and central assistance is being provided to States/UTs for mass vaccination of all female calves between 6-8 months in the areas where incidence of the disease is high.
    The programme is being implemented on 60:40 sharing basis between Centre and State except in North Eastern and 3 Himalayan States (Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir and Uttarakhand) where the funding is on 90:10 Centre:State sharing basis, whereas 100% central share is being provided for Union Territories. Research institutions will also be assisted for undertaking surveillance and monitoring under Brucellosis-CP.

    Activities to be undertaken under National Project onBrucellosis- Control Programme ( Brucellosis-CP)

    Item Activity
    Brucellosis- Control Programme(Brucellosis-CP) (i)Cost of vaccine @ Max. Rs. 25.00 per dose. Vaccine will be procured through tendering
    (ii)Vaccination cost @ Rs 6.50 /-per vaccination.
    (iii)Strengthening of 32 ELISA laboratories (including cost of ELISA reader)
    (iv) Consumables for ELISA laboratories.
    (v)Village level screening of samples (Twice in a year Rs60000/district)