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    Classical Swine Fever Control Programme (CSF-CP)

    Classical swine fever is highly contagious, potentially fatal viral disease that affects pigs. This disease is a major constraint to the development of pig farming systems in northeast India where pig farming is a main source of livelihood for most households.
    In order to control the CSF disease in pigs, ‘Classical Swine Fever Control Programme’ (CSF-CP) was added in the scheme of LH&DC during 2014-15. The programme is being implemented on 90:10 sharing basis between Centre and State in North Eastern States.

    Activities to be undertaken under National Project onClassical Swine Fever Control programme (CSF-CP)

    Item Activity
    Classical Swine Fever Control programme (CSF-CP) (i)Strengthening of laboratories including Consumables for laboratories
    (ii)Vaccination in identified villages including vaccination cost.