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    More About ESVHD

    Establishment and Strengthening of Existing Veterinary Hospitals and Dispensaries (ESVHD)

    Under this component, the Central Government provides financial assistance to States and UTs construct new veterinary hospitals and dispensaries as well as strengthen/equip existing ones. Sharing of expenditure is done on 60:40 basis between the Centre and States except in NE / 3 Himalayan States, where the grants are provided on 90:10 basis.

    Fund are provided by the centre as per the following norms (Link TG):

    Category Permissible Amount (Rs. lakh) (Hospitals) Permissible Amount (Rs. lakh) (Dispensary)
    New (including building & equipment)
    Central Share
    17.50 (construction of new building-16.00+ Equipment-1.50) 13.70 (construction of new building-12.70+ Equipment-1.00)
    Renovation Central Share 10.00 6.00

    Priority is given to proposals received from States/UTs seeking assistance in the order of (i) setting up of new veterinary institutions (ii) new building constructions in place of dilapidated structures and (iii) renovation of existing buildings having minimum standards of a veterinary hospital and dispensary.

    Under the scheme, there is also provision for assistance for Mobile Veterinary Clinics for door-step delivery of veterinary services. Each Mobile Veterinary Clinic (MVC) will have basic diagnostic facility and treatment of animals and provision for sample collection/transportation from the field. The MVCs will be provided with Rs. 5 lakh grant per annum. Funds are also provided to the States/UTs for contractual services of technical persons, hiring vehicles, procurement of necessary equipment required for treatment and disease diagnosis including for sample collection and their transportation to the designated laboratory, maintaining cold chain or preservation as necessary. The vehicle should accommodate necessary staff, equipment, reagents/ medicines for treatment and diagnosis, facility for AI and also suitable freeze or related equipment for sample transportation in cold chain.